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Question 5: Culture and Conflict in Organizational Integrity.

These works contributed significantly to the development of the Organizational Integrity approach. Arranged by importance to the topic rather than alphabetically or chronologically, they-and other works-may be secured through this site in association with Amazon.com.

Systems view: Like culture, systems may likewise be viewed at multiple levels. Capra points to the system of all living things. Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars compare and contrast the cultures of capitalism as "value-systems." At the organizational level, Nadler and Tushman have been longtime proponents of the notion of organizations as "open systems" where congruence or "fit" between the components of the system is a key factor in organizational success. Senge is a principal proponent of systems thinking, which, when applied with critical and creative thinking, is a key component of the good judgment required for excellence.

Our approach here is explicitly systemic on an open systems model.

Culture and process:

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