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"I just wanted to thank you for an extremely interesting website, and believe me - I have gone through a lot! . . .Those questions are exactly the ethical questions you are addressing in your site. . . . Thanks again, and I will certainly follow your site with a keen interest from now on. Sweden

"I visited your web site today and was really moved by the situation and letter you had to write to the mother of the Marine who had fallen asleep on post. It brought back a similar experience. . . ." USA

"You provide real value in pulling together what is no doubt a lot of information on this topic. Selecting, refining and prioritizing saves your visitors from doing the same. . . ." USA

"In behalf of my group mates, we would like to thank you for this coming up with this website, for without this our study would not be possible. Consequently, we would like to ask for your assistance in giving us additional information regarding Organizational Integrity." Philippines

"Here is the great website [EPIC-online.net] that was the source for the recent article I sent to you. Great articles on organizational ethics." USA

Each of its links offers stuff you may want to use -- some is timely, new, other stuff is solid research to use as sources, other stuff is contacts and networks. Very valuable, from people doing every day the kind of ethics & policy work we love ! USA

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