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Core beliefs

Our Purpose

We seek to understand and make a difference by helping leaders create a better world, one organization at a time.

Our Vision

We work with leaders who believe there is a wealth of untapped potential in their organizations and communities, and who want to release it.

Our aim is to help organizations and communities support their members as they strive to clarify personal and organizational visions; see reality more clearly; develop and maintain creative tension; and act with empathy, patience, integrity, and courage.

We believe that as more organizations attain organizational excellence, the resulting harmony, intensity, and vividness in living will change our lives; our organizations and communities; and our world.

Our Core Values

We are guided by the following values in every judgment we make and every action we take. We believe that only by putting our values into practice can we provide products and services worthy of our clients' trust and loyalty.

  • Embrace Change as essential to Learning and Growth.
  • Identify with Life in all its Diversity.
  • Approach Life with Empathy, Patience, Integrity, and Courage.
  • Approach Organizations as Affirmative Systems, Organized and Mobilized through Positive Views and Visions about what they are, how they will function, and what they might become.
  • Listen Hard, Be Responsible, and Have Fun.

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